Episode 8 - Eureka!

This is episode 8 of Flippin’ Orbs and this time we have two amzing topics lined up, as well as no other than Shaman Ben as a guest. We first talk about Ben and his journey in to the old school scene, then we pick his brain on how he has managed to build an awsome old school community. The second part of the episode we dedicate to a deck tech and this time we let Ben talk about one of his pet decks, Eureka!

What we talk about and when:

  • 00.03.20 - Question of the episode
  • 00.09.40 - Ben answers the question of the episode
  • 00.12.40 - Introduction of Ben
  • 00.29.00 - Ben’s blog and having fun in Magic
  • 00.46.12 - Building an old school community
  • 01.25.20 - Deck tech about Eureka!
  • 02.24.20 - Sign of with Ben

Here are some links to the things we talk about:

Ben’s blog.

Ben’s Twitter

Ben’s amazing Belcher article.

Playing Magic on Shrooms.

Eureka on the archetype page.

Ben’s Eureka! deck and more from the Old School Player’s Ball.