Episode 7 - Prepping and collecting

Once again, we ended up doing an almost two hour long episode but we hope you wont mind. First we talk about how we preper for a tournament, chosing deck, testing, building a sideboard and more. Then Seb and Gordon talk to collector and player Marc Lanigra about him, his collection and his best tips for collecting Magic the Gathering cards.

What we talk about and when:

  • 00.00.40 - Introduction
  • 00.02.16 - Random banter about chips(!)
  • 00.05.16 - Question of the episode
  • 00.24.25 - Preparing for a tournament
  • 00.42.36 - Interview with Marc Lanigra
  • 01.48.15 - Sign out

Here you can fin the article about Marc's Survival of the Fittest.

Here you can find the Old School blog.

And here are the alters Daniel "Paddan" Sunhede of Wak-wak had done to proxy P9:

Intro music by Wittmaack Ekbom