Episode 9 - Season Finale

This is our season finale of the first season of Flippin’ Orbs which has been going since April now. But don’t worry, we will be back in January! In this episode we talk about removal in the format, highlander old school and we do an interview with Felipe Garcia. In the interview we do a deck tech about TwiddleVault and last but not least talk about a Kickstarter project for a special high tech sleeve aimed at Magic collector and players.

What we talk about and when:

  • 00.03.45 - Question of the episode - Removal
  • 00.23.40 - Highlander
  • 00.37.40 - Holiday break talk
  • 00.45.30 - Interview with Felipe Garcia
  • 00.49.25 - TwiddleVault
  • 01.18.00 - Playable Certification Kickstarter
  • 01.36.30 - Random ramblings

Here are some links to the things we talk about:

Link to the Kickstarter - Please check it out!

Felipes text about TwiddleVault

Goblin Warbuggy