Episode 20 - Cubing on Ulgrotha

Powerful cards indeed!

Powerful cards indeed!

In episode 20 we talk with the deck builder, shark owner and premodern founder Martin Berlin. We talk about his old school cube, get some thoughts on the Winter Derby finals which featured UR Atog vs. UR Counterburn. We also spend some time addressing the new possible mulligan rule and what implications it could have for old school magic. Seb forgets what people he is talking with on the podcast and Gordon asks the hosts about Homelands, since the Arvika festival allowed it for their tournament last weekend.

What we talk about and when:

  • 00:02:52 - Introduction of hosts and guest

  • 00:07:11 - Who is Martin Berlin?

  • 00:21:50 - The question of the episode - Favorite Homelands card?

  • 00:31:47 - Arvika Festival with Homelands

  • 00:57:42 - The Winter Derby Finals

  • 01:13:26 - The (possible) new mulligan rule

  • 01:30:37 - Building an old school cube

Martin’s Cube: