Episode 22(?) - n00bcon retrospective aka a Shiver of Guests

Feeling a bit like you missed out? Oh, do we have an episode for you! In this episode we talk to not one, not two, not three (getting tired yet?), but 7(!) non-Flippin’ Orbs people that were at n00bcon. We talk about the Wizard’s Tournament, The Urborg Feast, The main event and the MAIN Event and much more. Hope you enjoy this over 3 hour long episode!

Also, this isn’t really episode 22 of Flippin’ Orbs, it is “actually” episode 1 of Flippin’ Tings as we join forces with Bryan from All things Considered for a collaboration episode. Something that has been in the making for quite some time but at last came to fruition.

What we talk about and when:

  • 00:03:57 - Mano talks about his n00bcon experience

  • 00:12:29 - Bob Agra talks from the perspective as a first time guest

  • 00:28:34 - We talk about the Wizard’s Tournament 2

  • 00:38:33 - Brother Stebbo tells us the story on how he became the People’s Champion

  • 00:58:22 - Seb give us a short tournament report

  • 01:06:04 - Mano give us a short tournament report sorta 

  • 01:16:40 - Jordan Boyle talks about how his mono blue deck got him a top8 finish

  • 01:29:04 - Is n00bcon now a festival, not just a tournament?

  • 01:43:15 - Floridian Homarid Shaman Von Brädow talks about the festival feeling

  • 02:02:40 - Christian Reinhard talks about organizing the Urborg Feast and more

  • 02:10:35 - Jesper Ejsing got into the n00bcon top8 from the Urborg Feast, here is his story

  • 02:21:23 - The n00bcon feeling

  • 02:25:34 - Here is Constanting Prishvitsin, the longest returning non-nordics guest, thoughts about n00bcon

  • 02:34:59 - All the l00t and the future

  • 03:00:42 - The most important easter egg of them all!

Jordan Boyle’s n00bcon deck

Jordan Boyle’s n00bcon deck

Will Magrann’s n00bcon deck - The same 75 as Mano

Will Magrann’s n00bcon deck - The same 75 as Mano

Brother Stebbo’s Alpha Deck

Brother Stebbo’s Alpha Deck

The peoples Champ

The peoples Champ