Episode 6 - Machine Gun & the Player’s Ball

This time we have almost 2 hours of old school ramblings for you. First, we take a closer look at the deck UR Artifact Aggro. We discuss how it’s played, how the deck is different with EC rules and the Swedish B&R, it’s matchups, variations and why it’s sometimes called Machine Gun. After that you can listen to an interview Grant did with Matt, one of the finalists from the Old School Player’s Ball.

What we talk about and when:

00.00.23 - Introduction
00.01.59 - Question of the day
00.15.30 - Combo of the episode
00.25.52 - Decktech - UR Artifact Aggro
00.52.00 - Keep or mull
01.08.05 - Interview with Matt
01.45.30 - End ramblings

You can find a decklist and more info about UR Artifact Aggro here.

You can see Matt and the other players decks from the Old School Player’s Ball and read more about it here.