Episode 25 - Into the Maze

What have they done!? What on earth should we do now? Maze of it is unrestricted in EC rules and we talk about what, how and when you can do something about that in this LIVE* episode of Flippin Orbs.

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Episode 24 - Do not disturb my Circles!

Gordon, Eliot and Seb each brought to table one card to build a deck around. Some of the ideas may be viable, some may not. We also talk a bit about which is the coolest vanilla creature and of course the elephant in the room, how do we address all the drama that some pesky circles have done to our dear community?

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Episode 22.5 - The Annual B&R Episode with Mg

Yes, it is that time of the year again. N00bcon has come and gone and a month has passed, something that for many people is a sign that it is soon time for the almighty Old School blog to publish an update. What update you may ask? The ban and restricted list of course! That is, if there even will be any changes?

If you want to know, listen to the episode in which our Founding father Magnus “Mg” De Laval tells us for the third year in a row what will happen, why and also why things didn’t happen. This year it also comes with a sort of a warning, something to think about until next time.



Episode 21 – The misprinted episode

In this episode, we talk to Keith "The Misprint Guy" Adams about different misprints, test prints, pre old school sets, security stickers, an unreleased magic set and much more. For all of you collectors and magic history aficionados this episode is a must!

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