Happy New Year!

May your Timetwisters always bring you the cards you need in 2018.

Today is new years eve and therefore we at Wak-Wak want to take a moment to thank all of you who have followed us through the year. And of course we hope that you will continue to enjoy our content during 2018 too, because there is a lot of things planned.

Let’s do a small recap from the year that have passed and a sneak peak at what is coming next year, when we are back from our holiday break.

The Site

This site is actually not even one year old. Gordon started working on it in the summer of 2016 with the mission to publish a comprehensive list of different old school archetypes and decks. The idea came from wanting to be able to tell people it is a very wide format and to help newcomers to find out about all the fun decks they could build.

On the 11th of March Magnus “mg” De Laval published a small introduction I wrote on the original old school blog so let’s just say that was our launch date. That probably mean we need to do something cool this year on the 11th, doesn’t it? Since then the site has evolved quite a bit and now incorporates both a blog and a deck gallery. We hope you enjoy these parts of the site and we have some nice blog posts planned for 2018. A couple of teasers are a series about brewing mono brown, some game play videos and in the second half of January a tournament report from Lucia Legends with a small old school quiz for you guys.

old school artifact creatures

Artifact smash!

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The Instagram Account

Actually the Instagram is “older” than the site and our first post was published the 8th of February. We don’t publish very much there but try to keep it flowing with some fun content for all you old school lovers out there. Here you can see the nine most liked posts from 2017.

Of course a crazy guy taking a bite of his Beta Lotus got the most likes...

Of course a crazy guy taking a bite of his Beta Lotus got the most likes...

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The Podcast

In March Gordon tweeted that he was thinking about starting a podcast about old school and was wondering what people thought about that. One of the first persons to answer was Grant Casleton and it didn’t take long until the first episode of Flippin’ Orbs was released. It was actually on the 18th of April and since then we have released eleven episodes of varying quality and length. Many of them with Seb Celia who joined us after a couple of episodes to bring the number of hosts to three.

Right now we are on a small break but we have recorded three amazing interviews for the next season. We have talked to Titus Chalk about his book “Generation Decks, Randy Buehler about making magic and last but not least Sean O’brien about the real old school days and mana denial strategies, or in other words; the O’Brien School of Magic.

The Wrap Up

So, that’s a small recap to remind ourselves that we haven’t been doing this for so long and also some teasers about what will happen during the first part of 2018. Thank you so much for reading and listening to our content and as said, we have much more to come!

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Thank you again, and have an amazing new years eve and also a wonderful 2018. May the flips be with you!

/All the folks at Wak-Wak!