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Lucia Legends


Lucia Legends

Every year on the 13th of December swedes celebrate the legend of the saint Lucy (Sancta Lucia) by wearing strange costumes and having candles in our hair (seriously, we're not lying). We on the other hand will celebrate our own legends a couple of days later (as a Saturday is the best day for a magic tournament) by tapping some old cardboard and maybe smashing face with a Sol'Kanar or something like that.

Where: Ramvägen 1, 122 44 Enskede

When: 16th of December, tournament start at 15:00

Rules: We follow the usual rules you find on the Old School Blog and however much we are talking about Legends we will not have any special deck construction rules.

Rounds: TBA.

Cost: 150 SEK

Prices: 1 super mega rare invite to the world championship of 93/94, n00bcon 2018. This invite will not be given out to the winner of the tournament but we will keep exactly how you win it a secret until the tournament starts! We will also have some other cool prices in the form of cardboard and maybe something more.

Beer: As usual, beer will be available at the site (but not much). BYOB! Bring your own booze.

Side events: We think just playing 5 rounds or so of Magic way to few for one evening so we are planning some nice side events that will begin after the main tournament. Expect things like some sort of old school draft and maybe even a Hövveturnering.



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