Decks from previous events

Here you can find pictures of decks from both previous Super Sundays and other events. You'll find decks from the latest events at the top and older lists further down.


Four versions of CandleFactory

Alphaspelen 3 15.10.17

Scandinavian Championship - The Stockholm crew 23.09.17

Super Sunday 25.06.17

Super Sunday 28.05.17

Super Sunday 14.05.17

Super Sunday 23.04.17

Super Sunday 02.04.17

N00bcon Training Day 01.04.17

Manaleak Eternal Weekend 18.03.17

Super Sunday 12.03.17

Super Sunday 05.03.17

Super Sunday 19.02.17

Fallen Uppsala 11.02.17

From Russia With Love 20.08.16

6 of 8 decks from the top8 Old School Cube draft

Ivory Cup 18.06.16