The Rag Man from "From Russia With Love"

The Rag Man from "From Russia With Love"


The RAg Men

One of our traditions here in Stockholm is to give a prize to the player who finishes last in our 93/94 tournaments. The prize is always the same, a copy of the card Rag Man from The Dark which has been signed by every player at the event. The first Rag Man was handed out at Stockholm's first small 93/94 tournament called Kafferep and it has been handed out on every single tournament since then. Except that nowadays, we don't give out Rag Mans at smaller closed invitational tournaments.

On this page we honor these brave players who battled it out even when there were no hope by listing their names here in their own little "Hall of Fame". So without further ado, here are the Rag Men!





Per Algander


Per became the first ever Rag Man by playing his Erhnamgeddon deck to last place at the small tournament Kafferep in 2015. This is where it all started and Per will forever be remembered as the worlds first Rag Man.


Jonas Stattin

L.I.G.G 2016

Jonas got the honor of becoming Rag Man by sleeving up his mono brown Urzatron deck. It was a beautiful, fun and interesting deck, but sadly it wasn't very good.


Andreas Ahlgren

Ivory Cup 2016

Andreas joined the ranks of the Rag Men by piloting his UR Burn list to last place at Stockholms biggest 93/94 tournament so far, Ivory Cup 2016. Sometimes Lady Luck is just not on your side.


Gordon Andersson

From Russia With Love

Gordon was handed his Rag Man at his own event, From Russia With Love, after loosing the last round to fellow Rag Man Jonas Stattin with what we now call the worst deck ever played in Stockholm.


Sebastian Ballad


Seb is still baffled by the losses. "The deck was impeccable!" He said. And some people say you can actually see that he has lost his mind in his ragman picture (for which he didn't really pose for). "Lions and Armageddon or Blood moon and Dibs? Why not both!?"


Max Weltz

Fallen Uppsala

Max earned his place as a Rag Man at Fallen Uppsala, a tournament where Fallen Empires was legal. It seems that merfolk was not the right deck for this tournament after all.


Yann Franzén

n00bcon Training day

Yann got his Rag Man after dragging along his brother to the small tournament n00bcon Training Day. That decision made it so that yann had to split his card pool to make two decks which may not have been the best idea as Yann became Rag Man with a mono blue artifact centric Amnesia deck with his brother just beating him by placing second to last.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.21.06.png

Norton Fantenberg

Ivory Cup 2017

Norton is the one and only Rag Man who actually didn’t place last in the swiss of the tournament. Instead we pitched the two last players against each other to play for an invite to the 2018 world championship n00bcon 10. Norton lost the dual and got the Rag Man instead of the invite but we will never forget his black deck with 4(!) copies of Ashes to Ashes.


Bonnie Myrbacka

Lucia Legends 2018


Johan Råberg

Lucia Legends 2017


Fredrik Düring

Ivory Cup 2018