Time for change!

As time has gone by the Old School community has shifted a bit, and so has deck construction. When we created the Deck Archetype page years ago there were almost no other webpages dedicated to the format (outside of the original blog) and most “known” archetypes were from old smaller Swedish tournaments. Therefore it is now time to evolve it to fit the ever growing community.

This is the plan:

  • Multiple pictures/variants for each archetype

  • More and narrower archetypes/decks

  • Add decks created for both EC and Atlantic B&R!

  • Give the text a work through

To do this we need input from you guys. We need pictures/variants of the existing archetypes and also tips for new ones like Urzatron, Blood Diamonds and more.

Fill out the form here to submit a deck that you think we should add to the library.

IT can be a cool/better/different version of an existing archetype, or a completely new deck that doesn’t fit in the existing structure.

And PLEASE, if you add a completely new archetype, write a short text about it. What are the important pieces? How does it play? And what are some other interesting ideas for it?


We want to evolve the archetype site. Submit your deck here!

The plan is to add multiple deck pictures for each archetype and also start to allow EC and Atlantic builds. Also shift a bit from archetypes to decks/deck ideas to add even more cool stuff and inspiration on the site.