Episode 17 - House Rules


Episode 17 of Flippin’ Orbs is a monster of an episode, it’s over 3 hours long(!). The topic is also sort of a monster, because today we will talk about different rules sets and house rules. First we talk with the amazing Guillaume Denoix, one of the earliest French players and one of the fathers of the French rules. Why did they decide to come up with their own rules and why do they look as they do? There is a lot of thought behind it all!

Then we also talk to the father of the format, Magnus “Mg” De Laval about the whole idea of house rules and his thoughts about it.

We also talk about playing hate cards in the main deck and much much more. Hope you enjoy!

What we talk about and when:

  • 02:50 Intro with Seb

  • 03:25 Eliot joins for realz!

  • 04:25 Chaos Orb techniques

  • 09:17 Question of the episode - What’s your favorite non-restricted artifact?

  • 20:30 Hate in the main brain

  • 38:30 Interview Guillaume Denoix

  • 1:55:55 The hosts talk a bit

  • 2:16:10 Interview with Magnus

  • 2:39:37 More host talk about different rules

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