Episode 14 - The Combolicious Episode

In this episode we first sit down with Svante Landgraf to talk about combo decks in old school. After that we also talk to Stephen Menendian about the same topic, how he got into old school and also about one of both his and Gordon’s favorite decks, UR Counterburn.

What we talk about and when:

  • 00:26 News and introduction 
  • 03:03 Introduction of Seb
  • 04:04: Introduction of Svante
  • 05:30 Combo talk with Svante
  • 01:02:23 Interview with Stephen Menendian
  • 01:04:45 Old rules, Stephens story and combo
  • 02:06:35 UR Coiunterburn 
  • 02:29:42 Some fun and some sad news

Link to Stephens article about combo.

Link to Stephens article about UR Counterburn.

Music by The Freak Fandango Orchestra