Episode 24 - Do not disturb my Circles!

Circle of Protection Red Old School.jpg

Gordon, Eliot and Seb each brought to table one card to build a deck around. Some of the ideas may be viable, some may not. We also talk a bit about which is the coolest vanilla creature and of course the elephant in the room, how do we address all the drama that some pesky circles have done to our dear community?

What we talk about and when:

00:11:11 - What is your favorite vanilla creature?

00:34:30 - The elephant in the room aka Don't disturb my circles!

00:59:51 - Build around cards

01:01:05 - Blood Moon as a build around?

01:21:43 - The many flavors of Sindbad

01:43:01 - Dimond Valley is an old schoolers best friend

01:59:02 - Flippin' Orbs goes MtG finance?!

02:05:40 - The End

Noli turbare circulos meos!