Field of Dreams

Deck by Gordon Andersson

Deck by Gordon Andersson


Ever heard of the Modern deck Lantern Control? This is the old school equivalent. The deck's signature card is Field of Dreams, a card which makes both players play with the top card of their library revealed.

With Field of Dreams in play the fun start as the deck then can use Millstone to control what the opponent will draw by milling him or her when there is a dangerous card on top. It can also be used to keep the opponent from ever drawing mana sources, which is even more fun (at least for the player who plays this deck).

Two other cards that the deck usually uses as card drawing engines are Sylvan Library and Sindbad. With Field of Dreams in play you will always know if Sindbad will work and Sylvan Library works well with Millstone as it lets you choose the best card out of three each turn. Also, Sylvan Library and Sindbad combos great with each other as you are able to put a land on top with the library and then draw it with Sindbad.

The deck's name comes from that the only way to win a timed round is to get the opponent to concede.