Deck by Henrik Jerberg

Deck by Henrik Jerberg


Few deck archetypes are so frowned upon as Stasis. But it's also loved by many players who essentially don't want their opponents to be able the play the game. Or in other words, they want to have ALL the fun themselves. The decks game plan is to use the namesake card Stasis to lock down the game until you can win.

How you win is probably the least important part of the deck and the wincon can be anything from a Feldon's Cane, which let you deck your opponent, to a Serra Angel that can attack without worrying about not untapping.

The most important part in the deck is how you turn Stasis is an asymmetrical effect. The most common way for this is to bounce Stasis at the end of your opponents turn with Boomerang or Time Elemental and then replay it on your turn. Another way is to use Reset to untap your lands and last but not least you can also play a Birds of Paradise and enchant it with Instill Energy.

Other cards that you usually find in a Stasis deck is removal and counterspells so that you can answer everything that slips through your Stasis lock. You can also use Howling Mines to deck the opponent even faster and Kismet to make his land drops obsolete.