The Void

Deck by "oldschool"

Deck by "oldschool"


This deck revolves around the card Nether Void and as with many other decks on this site The Void can be built in many different ways. Nether Void itself is a extremely powerful enchantment from Legends that makes everyone pay an extra three generic mana for all of his or her spells. This usually stops the opponent from playing spells and if you don't play spells you usually lose.

Of course the enchantment also affects you but as you know it's coming you can build your deck around it. One way is to combine Nether Void with a lot of land destruction, making the deck play a lot like Ponza but later locking the opponent out of the game completely by dropping a Nether Void.

Another way to build it is with cards like Dark Ritual and Mana Vault to power out the Nether Void even before the Opponent has three mana. Mana Vault is also quite good after the Nether Void has hit the table as you can untap it every other turn and cast expensive spells the other turns.

You can also choose to not play that many expensive spells so you can function even with the Nether Void in play. As with most prison style decks the deck run few wincons and one of the best is of course Mishra’s Factory as it doesn't cost any mana.