Episode 10 - Generation Decks

We talk about the first iteration of the B&R and also with Titus Chalk, author of the book Generation Decks.

Welcome to the season season of Flippin’ Orbs! In this episode we talk about how the ban & restricted list looked like in it’s first year and then we have an interview with Titus Chalk lined up for you guys. Titus is the author of the book generation decks and has a lot of knowledge about the early days of magic. Enjoy!

What we talk about and when:

  • 00.02.35 - Random ramblings
  • 00.10.37 - Question of the day
  • 00.17.30 - The first B&R
  • 01.06.35 - Interview with Titus Chalk
  • 02.25.40 - End ramblings

You can find Titus book here.

The picture with all the signed cards.

End music by Wittmack Ekbom