Episode 19 - We stayed for The Gathering... and the pesto!


Eliot, Seb and Gordon talk with Lorenzo about the Fishliver Oil Cup in Italy. What does it take to become mentioned by the 93/94 founder MG as an even better tournament than n00bcon? Eliot briefly talk about the Urza’s Chalice Cup the Beasts organized in February. We also adress different online tournaments and the rumours about Randy Buehler starting up an old school super league.

What we talk about and when

  • 00:05:00 - Introduction of guest

  • 00:06:05 - Some talk about pesto(!)

  • 00:11:45 - What we are drinking

  • 00:16:11 - The question of the episode

  • 00:46:57 - The Fishliver Oil Cup

  • 01:32:45 - The Urza’s Chalice