Fork Combo

Deck by Gordon Andersson

Deck by Gordon Andersson

When Fork was unrestricted in 2016 people started brewing on many different Fork decks. But after the dust settled not many dedicated Fork decks was left standing. The most successful use of Fork seemed to be in big red decks like CandleFlare. But there is one more very powerful Fork deck, the deck that got Fork restricted in the first place in 1995, Fork Recursion Combo by Mark Chalice.

This deck utilizes almost all of the restricted cards and four Fork to effectively play more than one of each. The plan however is to find Time Walk and then use Fork, Regrowth, Recall and Timetwister to take as many turns as possible until a wincon presents itself. It also uses Howling Mine to be able to really take advantage of those extra turns. As Timewalk is restricted the deck usually uses a couple of different wincons and "combos" to be able to pull out win even if you can’t take a bunch of extra turns.

The main wincon is the classic Fireball, paired with taking extra turns, recurring draw sevens, play lots of mana thanks to Fastbond and then Fireball your opponent to death. The deck also often plays a Mirror Universe to make this kill easier and of course Channel for the classic Channel+Fireball combo. Last but not least it's not uncommon to see one or two Stormseekers in the deck as a draw seven followed up by some Howling Mine draws and a Fork can be lethal quite easy.

You could also try to build the deck with even more "combos" like Relic Barriers for the Howling Mines, add some Twiddles, a Time Vault and a Transmute Artifact for another way to take many turns or why not play 4 Mana Vault and some Hurkyl's Recall to ramp up to a big Fireball without the need of extra turns?