Karma Tomb

Deck by Guillaume Denoix

Deck by Guillaume Denoix

Karma Tomb is certainly a deck that will give you bad karma, because it can really be a pain in the a** for you opponent to play against. The main card of the deck is Cyclopean Tomb which is a four mana artifact that slowly can turn your opponent’s lands to swamp one at a time by paying two mana in your upkeep. This card is the base of the deck and is used to disrupt your opponent’s mana. It also “kills” Mishra’s Factory which can help you to buy enough time for the second card, Karma, to do its thing. Karma deals one damage to the opponent in his or her upkeep for every swamp he or she controls, which thanks to Cyclopean Tomb should be enough to kill him or her in no time.

That is pretty much the essential cards of the deck. But what about the rest of the deck you may ask? This archetype is actually not that explored so it’s pretty much open for you to brew it as you like but here are a couple of ideas.

One way is to build it as a control deck that uses the above combo as the wincon, pretty much like The Beast but with another combo (then you can call the deck The Tomb). Another way to go is to focus more on the disruption and mana denial plan by playing things like Sinkhole and Evil Presence (which also helps Karma). If you want to be really cute you can also use Magical Hack to change the type of land that gives your opponent bad karma. Of course, then Cyclopean Tomb won’t be as good anymore and we’re almost talking about another deck. But maybe it could serve as a backup plan against aggressive opponents when Cyclopean Tomb is just too slow.

One type of card that the deck probably always should have is counterspells. As both Cyclopean Tomb and Karma cost four mana and you need them for both of your strategies to work you should have a plan on how to keep them alive. This is especially true with Cyclopean Tomb as the lands that had been turned to swamps slowly goes back to normal.