Deck by Gordon Andersson

Deck by Gordon Andersson

The Lands deck can be built in many different ways but something that always should be present is some number of Fastbonds. It should also have something that draws cards so you really can use Fastbond, like draw sevens or Howling Mine.

One of the decks main game plans is to play as many mana sources as possible as fast as possible to later be able to cast a lethal Fireball. The other way to go is to play one or more Living Plane. As you are the deck with Fastbond and many more lands this card should allow you to swarm your opponent. Living Plane can also double as a control card because when it's on the table you can use your Fireballs to destroy your opponent's lands.

For protection, you can play a couple of Maze of Ith as it becomes a lot better together with Fastbond. It also helps you swarm the opponent with your lands even if he or she has a big creature as the Maze can untap whatever land becomes blocked. Another card that probably should be in the deck is Mirror Universe that combos well with both Fastbond and Fireball to make your kill easier. To survive a little bit longer and to fuel your Fastbond (and the obvious Channel) you can also play Dark Heart of the Woods, but be mindful on the amount of forests in your deck.

If you want to go more all in on the actual lands theme you can play cards like Desert and Candelabra of Tawnos. Also, if you play more Living Planes, a good land to add is Pendelhaven, and with a Drop of Honey you can start picking of your opponent's lands one by one.

Last but not least you have a combo that may not be the best one but so on theme that it could be hard to ignore, Karakas and Hazezon Tamar. Play Hazezon and then before his trigger resolves return him to your hand with Karakas. That way you make a bunch of 1/1:s that don't die when he dies and you can repeat it as many times as you wish.