Happy Holidays from the Beasts of the Bay

Today we have a small guest post from the amazing folk over in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hope you guys enjoy it and if you have something you want to say to the old school community, we are more than happy to do more guest posts. /Wak-Wak

The San Francisco Bay Area Old School Club would like to wish all old school players around the world, and their loved ones, joyful holidays and a triumphant new year.

Old school is a format for the winter holidays. This season is a time when we reflect on tradition. Before embarking on a new year, with its new challenges, we take time to entertain the timeless. The holidays are a time of joy, in which we recall the sights and sounds and smells and feelings of our wonderstuck childhoods, and share those experiences with a new generation. 

Our club in the Bay Area is just over a year old now, and it has been a good year. We built a great group of dedicated players--guys with a fun sense of humor and a love of the old cards. In 2017, we had over twenty fantastic meetups, with almost every deck imaginable represented. We are looking forward as a club to a new year with bigger blowouts, sillier decks and spicier new tech.

The Beasts of the Bay had over 20 meetups in 2017.

We are very fortunate to have our game and its community. This year, the Beasts decided to share some of that good fortune and collect toy donations for the season's less-fortunate children. Chicago's Lords of the Pit set a good example in 2016 by running a holiday toy drive and we wanted to follow that example. Charity, camaraderie and good will should be central to the old school ethos.

Beast of the Bay toy donations this season.

We hope we get a chance to sit down and flip orbs with as many of you as we can in 2018.

Peace, love and goodwill toward all,
The Guardian Beasts