Sindbad and the story about the Wak-Wak tree

An original art by Jesper Holm

One day Sindbad met a thin old man in the corner of a street that he usually found empty. As he thought that was kind of strange he walked up to the man and asked him who he was. The old man started to tell Sindbad the story about his life as an explorer and how he now was too old to continue on the adventure of his life. When Sindbad asked him what that was the old man started to tell an unbelievable story about an island far, far away. The island was called Wak-Wak and had always been the old man’s goal as it was said that the island had a very special tree that could grant unlimited power to the one who plucked its fruit. The sad part was that the man actually had a pretty good idea on where this island was, he was just too old to go there.

The story intrigued the young Sindbad so much so he decided to find the island and its fruit, for the man (and himself of course). He packed his equipment, gathered his crew and set sail.

Exactly where to, he did not know, but he was sure he would find the island if he just followed the old man’s description. After 3 years at sea and many adventures we can tell at another time Sindbad almost gave up on finding the peculiar fruit of the island of Wak-Wak. He started to think that the old man had lied to him but that is when an island matching the old man’s descriptions suddenly emerged over the horizon.

Now Sindbad was more excited than ever, what could this peculiar fruit be? How could it grant you power? He made it to shore and started to search the island for the tree. It didn’t take long at all until Sindbad found a mysterious place with no life at all, except for one single tree in the middle of the dead field. He found the barren ground very strange as there was no sign of what could deprive the otherwise lively land of life. He was however sure, that was the tree and he was going to pick its fruit. One thing was strange though, the tree just stood there in the open, why hadn’t anyone else already picked it?

Soon Sindbad would get his answer as he started to approach the tree. Because suddenly a fruit dropped from the tree. The fruit started to spin around as it left its tree branch and Sindbad could see a grinning smile on it as it fell. It then hit the ground with an ear deafening bang that made the earth shake so violently that Sindbad fell to the ground. When he stood up again and looked at where the fruit had landed a big chunk of the ground was missing and all that was left was a smoldering crater.

This was when Sindbad realized it, the peculiar fruit of the Wak-Wak tree was actually the origin of the mythical Chaos Orb.

And with that story you know how Wak-Wak and Flippin’ Orbs are related and why our new "logo" looks the way it does.

Right now, Gordon is looking into where he can order some nice-looking pins with this new amazing looking orb fruit on. Because the plan is to send a Flippin’ Wak-Wak Orbs pin to everyone that supports our site and podcast in one way or another. If you like the pin and want to be part of the ones who will get one of the first batch made the easiest way is to support us by becoming a Patreon.  But there are of course many other ways you can support us as well, for example of course Bonnie Myrbacka will get one as he has helped us by editing Flippin’ Orbs and Magnus “Mg” De Laval for letting us stream n00bcon X.

The original is a painting made by the super talented Jesper Holm and the plan is to give it away to a supporter in the future, so if you like it, stay tuned!

And one last thing, would anyone want a playmat with this motif?