Episode 4 - A Little Bit of Deck Tech

This time we are joined by Seb Celia from the Wak-Wak crew in Stockholm and we rabble about all sorts of things. But the main focus is discussing three decks we like to play, Erhnamgeddon, The Deck and Fork Recurrsion Combo. We also talk a little bit about White Weenie and brewing with Black Vise.

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Episode 3 - The Lords & The States

This is the third episode of Flippin Orbs and this time it's all Grant! Grant met up with old school personality Dom to talk a little about the Lords of the Pit and the rise of the old school scene in the states. Enjoy!

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Episode 2 - Playing Unpowered

In this episode of Flippin Orbs we talk a little about playing without power, or on a budget. We talk about what the main strategies are, what all the five colors have to offer when it comes to playing mono colored and also how to take it from there.

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Episode 1.5 - B&R Update!

This is a very special episode in which we have Magnus De Laval on to reveal the yearly changes to the Swedish ban and restricted list. Listen to learn what changes are being made for 2017!

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Episode 1 - The n00bcon Experience

This is the first ”real” episode of Flippin’ Orbs after we released the pilot a couple of weeks ago. This time we may have gone overboard and recorded three(!) interviews for the same episode so we hope you like a lot of content. 

The topic for this episode is n00bcon, the world championship of 93/94. We talk about n00bcon’s history with the creator and organizer Magnus De Laval, deck construction with this years winner Kristoffer Arlefur and how first time visitor Gregory Protic won his invite playing on Skype.

We hope you like it!

Music by Bensound.com

Episode 0 - The Pilot

Welcome to the first episode of Flippin' Orbs. In this Pilot we test the tech and talk about who we are, a bit about the different 93/94 formats and what to expect from the podcast. Sorry to say that the sound quality on this episode didn't become as good as we hoped, please bare with us.